Dogs Do Dance

Welcome to Dogs Do Dance. I am Gina and I train, compete and judge in dog agility and heelwork to music/canine freestyle. We also dabble in a bit of media work with Diz doing the most. Feel free to have a look around the site, learn about the training days I can hold at your club or displays at your event. I used to write a series of HTM training articles for Dogs Today.

Meet the Dogs - Ember (11yr old shetland sheepdog) partially retired working Grade 6 Agility (1 win off G7) and Rum (9yr old Working Sheepdog) retired due to border collie collapse, did work Grade 6 Agility and Novice HTM.  The newest addition is Sweep, a border collie puppy who I hope can get me back into dog sports!

Meet the Cats - Clee the tabby moggy who does media work and is clicker trained (does anything for squeezy cheese!.  Spice is a new addition - beautiful rosette spot bengal.

During 2014 I lost two of my amazing dogs - Dizzy was the original Disco dog who never achieved a lot in results (although won me out of pre-beg and beginners in obedience), she was an amazingly clever dog who had a repetoire of tricks and I swear was part human, she reached a fantastic age of almost 15.  Cas was a rescued working sheepdog age 14 who worked grade 6 agility and Advanced Canine Freestyle, getting me to Crufts in the big ring! She has left a massive gap as she was such a huge character and I really don't think I will ever get over losing her, she came a long way from a scared little abused farm dog. 

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